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Panic! At The Disco Donation To Human Rights Campaign

Before playing a show of The Gospel Tour, the Westboro Baptist Church has announced they would picket the band. As a response, the band has announced they would donate $20 to Human Rights Campaign for every member of WBC who would show up that night. Only 13 members showed up, and Panic! At The Disco decided to donate more money, in addition of 5% of their total merch sales. You can check out updates from the band below.

Also, congratulations to Brendon Urie for winning the first ever won award at the APMAs for Best Vocalist!

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Andy Hurley Vs. Patrick Stump Drum-Off

When kicking off the Monumentour few days ago, Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley and Patrick Stump had a drum-off to the tune of a Slayer and Jay-Z song. Watch the video below, and tell us who won.

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